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Church Loan Requirements

Churches are purchasing new sanctuaries all across America. Griffin Capital Funding understands the church loan requirements to help churches close their church purchase loans.

church loan requirements

Churches are purchasing new sanctuaries all across America. We are seeing them buy sanctuaries that other churches are selling. They are buying empty retail spaces. They are buying and renovating old county buildings such as libraries and police stations.

We all know that any type of property purchase can come with hurdles along the way. There are obstacles that pop up and for churches, it is our job to make sure that financing is not one of them. We are here to help churches prepare for financing and close their loans at low rates with great terms.

Furthermore, we understand well the church loan requirements for church purchases; “Each church that comes to us is given personal service.  We speak with the leadership to understand their goals and objectives and design a loan program to meet their needs.  Rarely does the one size fits all approach work in church lending, what is important to one church may not be to another.”  Stated John Berardino, President of Griffin Capital Funding.

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In Lilburn, GA, a 7-year-old church bought an old police station to renovate and make their new sanctuary. The church had come to us several years ago but the timing was not right. We educated them about church loan requirements.  They followed our tips and found a better building in a better location, and we closed the church purchase loan for them.

We also just helped a church in Burlington, MA purchase a new sanctuary to call home. The church had found a property to buy but the property inspection determined that the money needed to renovate the building would cost more than the church wanted to spend. They ended up cancelling their contract and found another church to buy. We closed their church loan purchase for the new building. Now they can move in and focus on growing their congregation.

If your church is preparing to buy a new home, then give us a call at 800-710-6762.  We will evaluate your finances to let you know your preapproval amount and give you the guidance needed to prepare for your church purchase loan.

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