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Abner Figuereo

Greetings, my name is Abner Figuereo, and I joined the Griffin Church Loan Specialist program in June 2018.  I live in Santa Clarita, CA which is a suburb of Los Angeles County. Throughout my life, I have always been associated with churches.  Therefore, when I heard about this opportunity to help churches in need of financial funding, I wanted to join this great organization.

Abner Figuereo

Abner Figuereo

I grew up attending St. James Episcopal Church in New Jersey. I joined St. John’s when I moved to Los Angeles.  In both locations, I served as a Junior Warden as well as an active member of the Vestry for many years.  I graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Timing is everything so when I moved out to Los Angeles, the week after the Northridge Earthquake, I began my career in the broadcast industry working for a manufacture of TV, Post Production and Film products.  This career afforded me the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people throughout the world. It isn’t too often that you meet someone who has experienced live Olympics events, traveled the world, and played rugby in England and France along with meeting the Queen of England and Price of Wales.  When we meet in a future conference, ask me to share pictures.

In life you reach a point where you want a true, honest sense of purpose in what and how you deal with people in society.  No matter the state of the world, there is always a desire to improve one’s finances.  Not only to improve your personal situation but when we gift to our local church, it allows the Kingdom to grow and help others. I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge in solving problems and with Griffin’s niche industry, I look forward to assisting churches and other businesses return to solid financial ground.

I’ve been happily married to my lovely bride for 20 years, and we are blessed to have a teenage son who knows the Lord and in training to be an ambassador for Christ. A strong Christian family foundation is paramount to a successful journey in life, and I am truly blessed for my family as well as extended family members.  It truly does take a village!

My favorite sport is baseball, which you cannot blame me for, since I was born in the Dominican Republic.  It is undeniable that genes do not lie.   I’m a die-hard Yankees fan who manages to withstand the, “chatter”, of the jealous Dodger fans here in Southern California.

I find that our world has many fascinating attributes which I indulge myself through reading non-fiction topics of history, health, business and finance.  I enjoy what is ahead for my current church, Ekklesia Christian Community Church, where I serve as the Director of Men’s Ministry.  Life comes with a number of challenges, but I make sure that I don’t allow a cloudy day to ruin a sunny disposition.  Our mission is to help others and ensure that the ultimate Glory goes to the Lord.

Abner Figuereo
Church Loan Specialist
Santa Clarita, CA
Phone:  661-644-8341


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