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Gerard Swain

Mr. Gerard Swain lives in Temple Texas. He and his wife moved to Temple after residing in Austin Texas for the last 13 years. They recently spent a short time living in Dallas, Texas, but decided to move to Temple because it is closer to their children who reside in Austin.  They have four children and four grandchildren.

Gerard Swain

Gerard Swain

As of November of 2011, Mr. Swain is a licensed insurance agent in Texas. He operates a full-service agency that offers, automobile, professional liability, life insurance, health insurance, event liability, and business liability.  He also serves customers that are consumers, business owners, and pastors and assisted living communities, who receive support from religious and social organizations.  Now he has added the service of Church Financing with Griffin Church Loans, as a Church Loan Specialist.

Customers that are pastors, and their members, trust Mr. Gerard Swain to provide the protection that they need. Through his insurance business, he realized that some of these churches are in need of funding to build new churches or improve the facilities that the presently occupy. Because of the strong relationships that have evolved, he became interested in helping them find funding.

Mr. Swain has been an ordained minister by Universal Life Monastery since March 08, 2011.  He is also a graduate of Concordia Lutheran University in Austin Texas, with a degree in Business Management, graduate from Texas State University, in San Marcos Texas, with a Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in Political Science and Health Care Administration, has an Associate Degree from Houston Community College in Accounting and completed 12 semester credits in world religions at Concordia University.

Just recently, Mr. Swain completed one term on the Board of Directors for a non-profit, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Austin Texas.  Their mission is to help people cope with the stress with living with a family member who suffers from mental illness.

Since June of 2004, Mr. Swain has been an Instructor in Virginia College at Austin Texas, teaching classes in business and computer science.

Mr. Swain believes in staying busy and serving the need of people in the community.  He has learned that the more people a person helps, then the more successful a person becomes from both a spiritual and a material sense.  He has a commitment to personal continuous improvement; never stop educating your mind and extending your perspective.


Gerard Swain
Church Loan Specialist
Temple, TX
Phone: 512-243-6535
Cell: 512-913-6362
Fax: 512-373-8025

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