Robert Davis

I (Robert Davis)  have been involved in the design and construction of churches for over 20 years. On a daily basis I see churches struggle to obtain the funds needed to complete their projects.  Besides, my goal is to help churches get financing to complete their construction, buy a new property or refinance a current loan. In addition to my experience with church loans, I have assisted churches with full business plans.

My involvement with church life is broad. I have served on a renovation committee and have been a trustee and basketball coach.

Griffin Church Loans is dedicated to providing the most competitive products available to churches while providing world class customer service to include:

  • 24 hour conditional approvals on loan requests
  • Monday through Saturday availability
  • Loan closings in your area
  • Support in English, Spanish, and Korean
  • Technical knowledge unmatched in the industry
  • Dedicated analyst to see you through the process
  • Quick closings

Robert Davis
Florence, SC
Phone: 843-647-1244
Fax: 843-536-0896

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